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Your First Treatment

1) Our team will review your inquiry and reach out to you to give you an estimate of cost and schedule a home consultation.

2) Once the consultation is scheduled, a licensed Mosquito Squad technician will meet with you at your home.

3) During this initial visit, the team member will walk your property to assess your situation.

4) We will talk with you about ways to reduce the amount of mosquitoes and provide you with a treatment plan along with costs. There are no contracts to sign. You may stop at any time.

5) If needed, we will apply an initial treatment and schedule a follow-up.

6) Your yard will be safe for your children, family, and pets 30 minutes after the treatment.

7) You will begin to see a dramatic reduction in mosquitoes, up to 50% within 3 days and up to 90% after the first 3 treatments.

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