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Special Events Treatment

Whether you are hosting a lovely wedding or an exciting graduation party, mosquitos are never on the guest list. However, these pests and many other critters can easily ruin a great day and ensure guests leave feeling uncomfortable.

With Mosquito Squad of Scottsdale, you can easily handle pestering insects with our effective, safe, and reliable barrier treatment technique. Our treatment is effective at killing hardy Arizona mosquitos as well as scorpions, flies, ants, and 75 other kinds of bugs! Through our treatment, we will ensure that your guests are comfortable and that your event remains uninterrupted by uninvited critters.

Our special event pest control treatment is a one-time service we offer to protect guests from the annoyance of mosquitoes during an event. We ask that you give at least a week’s notice before your event. From here, we will discuss with you the property and type of event so that we can consider important factors such as catering services and tents.

A day before or on the day of the event, we will come out and apply our barrier treatment on critical foliage surfaces that include shrubbery as well as underneath decks and patios, fences, and other areas where pests feed and breed.

Our application takes 30 minutes to dry. We ask application areas are protected until the area dries before setting anything, such as food, down around that area.
Your graduation, wedding, family reunion, and other special events should be pest free. With our applications, we can provide the pest control solutions that you need to ensure your event is enjoyable.

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