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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all my mosquitos be gone after the first treatment?

Unfortunately, it takes time to remove the mosquitoes from your property. The first application will net 50% fewer mosquitoes within three days. The second pest treatment will happen about a week after the first and will kill the more resilient mosquitoes. After the third application, your yard should be 85%-90% mosquito free. Arizona mosquitoes are tough and hardy which means consistent treatment year-round will ensure the most success.

How long do I, my family, and my pets have to wait before going into the treated area?

Any time after it dries which usually takes 30 minutes.

If it rains after you treat my yard, will treatment be less effective?

Only if it rains very hard. If you see that the mosquitoes are back before your next scheduled treatment, give us a call and we will re-treat free or move your next scheduled treatment up.

How long are treatments effective?

Because we add a special timed release formula to our treatments, you may see relief for up to 21 days after each treatment.

When do mosquitoes need to be treated?

Arizona mosquitoes do NOT die in the winter. It takes 5 days of continuous temperatures of under 32 degrees to kill them. You should have your property treated year-round.

I am having a special event at my home. Will you do an extra treatment to ensure my guests are comfortable?

Of course! Just call us at least a week in advance, and we will come by a day or two before your event to apply the treatment.

Are your treatments environmentally friendly?

We use the most environmentally friendly pesticides on the market that are effective in controlling mosquitoes.

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