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About Us

Lulu and Chuck Wells purchased the first Arizona Mosquito Squad in 2017. As residents of Glendale, AZ and Rochester, NY, Lulu and Chuck had used Mosquito Squad for three years in Rochester and were impressed with the results of the mosquito control services.

As the mosquito problem in the Phoenix area worsens each year, Lulu and Chuck wanted to help their neighbors and the residents of the Phoenix area experience relief from mosquitos, scorpions, and other pests.

With a staff of dedicated and talented members, we deliver effective insect control services which will help you take back your yard. We provide personalized and professional service where your needs are addressed and your questions are fully answered. There are no contracts to sign, and we have a satisfaction guarantee because we are dedicated to delivering the absolute best results in pest control to our clients.

Why Mosquito Squad?

At Mosquito Squad of Scottsdale, we utilize effective tools and techniques which work well against Arizona’s unique brand of pests. We keep you and your family safe with our patented barrier spray which is applied throughout your property at places mosquitoes are likely to feed and breed. Our treatment is completely safe and only requires 30 minutes to dry before you, and your loved ones can return to the application area.

Three initial treatments spanning a few weeks will see your property with 85-90% fewer mosquitoes. From here, we will periodically apply treatment to ensure that your property continues to remain mosquito-free.

As a bonus, our spray also kills scorpions as well as flies, ants, and 75 other kinds of bugs too! Through our treatment, we can effectively keep your property and home pest-free!

Mosquito Squad of

Chuck and Lulu Wells

2920 E Mohawk Lane
Ste 102
Phoenix, AZ 85050


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